cali pt 1.


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anddddd i'm back. :) well, i've technically been back since monday afternoon but needed a day to just decompress from my trip. california was an absolute blast. i got to do my annual bestie love trip with one of my childhood friends (we got to play for 4 days) and then i was lucky to spend 4 more days with another friend of mine and do a couple of shoots. here's part 1 of my cali trip -- two photos from our quick stop at cabazon dinosaurs. we decided not to go into the whole museum but i definitely plan on going when we go back to palm springs with the fam bam. i think ronin will freak outttt.

you guys…how's it already july 30th? july just came and went within 2.5 seconds. haha. how are we already so close to august? HOW? i mean, i'm blown away with how fast this year went by. smh. anyways, i plan on posting photos from my trip and sharing my photo shoot with you guys the next couple of days. so much fun last week.

girls vaca // palm springs.


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hey guys! currently in sunny california with one of my dearest childhood friends. we decided to spend our first two days in palm springs and holy hell -- it is HOT here. haha. it's a nice hot, though. us texans are used to heat and HIGH humidity. yuck. i'm excited about my cali trip -- i get to spend some time with my bestie love (and some other friends) and knock down some photoshoots. pretty exciting week for me. follow me on instagram for some daily photo updates (if you want). tootles.

hi there.


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hey y'all. so…i just wanted to drop in and say hello and apologize for the silence that's been happening over here. i know i know i know -- i saw that a lot. blah. we've just been extra busy over here with camps and driving around. i plan on posting some stuff up this weekend before my trip to california (i also plan on sharing while i'm out there). hope everyone is having an amazing week. on the run tour tomorrow! :) haha.

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